We’ve done two ceremonies with Magdalena’s guidance. One experience was for a bridal shower and the other was for a coming of age birthday. Each ceremony had a very unique feel to it – each ceremony embodied the personality of the honored guest, featured personal items and key participants, yet was accessible to a wide-range circle of trusted guests!

Lena has a way of putting people at ease so our first time and our second time were comfortable and soul-filling experiences. We’ll have a third, fourth, fifth and so on because our family believes that everyone should participate in a ritual/ceremony as honored guest or circle of trust often. We need this!
— Patricia

Bridal Blessing

“2018 was such a special year. My loving partner and I got a chance to exchange personal vows and make a lifelong commitment to each other in front of our “tribe.” As a special gift from my sister, I had the chance to preface my wedding day with a custom blessing circle alongside all the strong women in my family. Magdalena led us through a journey of life as specially connected women, openly celebrating one milestone (my milestone), together. It was the best gift I could have received. Better than any shower anyone could have thrown. Magdalena is a powerful facilitator of meaningful connection. She is creative and giving of her unique talent to get you to experience the energy around you. I am so grateful to have had that special moment with her and my family.” - Victoria

Laura's babyshower.jpg

Baby Welcoming

“When I was pregnant with my second child, I didn't want to have an ordinary baby shower, I wanted something more sacred and special and I knew, without a doubt, that Magdalena was the perfect person to help bring my vision and intention to life--and she did so in more ways than I could have imagined. She even invited everyone to take a ‘blessing bag’ home with them as being part of the Welcoming Committee for our new baby. Months later, when I announced to her that the baby had been born, she sent the message to everyone to open their blessing bag, light their palo santo to create a breath of sweetness for this new being and light the candle to remind us all about the miracle of birth. She is such a blessing and I am forever grateful." - Laura

B.V. turning 13.jpg

Coming of Age

“It was a great reflection and I loved feeling the love and support from my family.”- B.V. (13 year old boy, ceremony honored guest)

“I thought it was great. I would recommend it to someone who wants to celebrate a meaningful transition in a way that feels spiritual but doesn’t want a religious ceremony.” -Rick V. (Father of honored guest)

“I felt happy in the ceremony. I like that it feels like something special and that can be modified to anything you want.”-L. V. (Brother of honored guest)

“Everybody needs this they just don’t know it.”- Mario V. (grandfather of honored guest)


New Year’s

Women’s Circle

“Of all the ceremonies I have participated in with Magdalena, my best memory comes from a session I had with my daughter. To have my teenager be a part of a circle of women ten or twenty years older was a very special experience for both of us. Watching her participate in and helping the ceremony brought me a memory from childhood of working with my aunties and grandma back in the countryside of Japan in the 60s, and it warmed my heart. Her eyes were wide open, as she was welcomed so warmly by all the women there. Having this unique sense of community is so important for her, as she is going through body and identity changes. I am looking forward to having more ceremony experiences with her and my younger daughter in the future.”- Sachiko

Birth story healing.jpg

Birth Story Processing

“I couldn’t imagine healing my birth story without Magdalena. The experience was so profound, deeply moving, not to mention extremely emotional, and impossible to put into words how truly special it was.

I know it’s an ongoing process and I continue to do my “homework” but have found that things that would have triggered me before, friends talking about upcoming births, are no longer painful and I can be authentically excited for them! I am beyond thankful and happy with all things Magdalena.” Michelle


A Virtual Experience

“I did a ceremony with Magdalena from a distance! We video conferenced and although she was in California and I was in New Jersey, it was a profound experience.

My ceremony was preceded by the delivery of a beautiful box of items to link us physically. It was a beautiful box with my name inscribed on it, along with each of the items hand-picked by Lena with handwritten descriptions and messages on each. The box made me feel so special, so important; Just the reception of the box felt ceremonial in and of itself. I knew something special was afoot.

For the ceremony, Lena used music to help us “enter”, “go through” and “emerge from” the event. Nothing felt forced, nothing felt awkward, everything felt right and it was all about my journey of healing and celebrating.

In all of my many years of therapy, I never had such a healing experience as I did with the ceremony that Lena created and coordinated just for me. I left the sacred space of our ceremony feeling elated, present, connected, whole, and ready to embrace all that is, all that has been, and all that is to come.”- Jill

origami hummingbirds.JPG

A Milestone Birthday

I knew I wanted a deeper, heartfelt community gathering to celebrate my mom's 70th birthday but given her struggles with dementia over the past years, didn’t know how to go about structuring it. I knew that the usual celebration would not likely result in something that would have felt adequate to celebrate her life in the deeper way I was hoping for. I wanted to host everyone but also needed to feel supported myself.

Lena provided the key to finding my voice and my mother’s voice in the celebration. Before the event, she spent time carefully listening and asking about the themes of my mother’s life as well as my hopes and even worries around the celebration. She then put together a beautiful proposal for a gathering that incorporated the most essential aspects of who my mom is.

Lena led our full room of guests from different backgrounds, ages, and cultures with enormous heart, deep understanding, and courage. She guided us through a journey where each person was given the opportunity to share. As my mom is no longer able to share these memories herself, it was a tremendous gift to me and my young children to hear everyone’s reflections. Throughout the process she supported everyone in focusing on my mom, speaking to her, even when she was not able to speak back.

These gifts of story were shared to my mom and elicited her spirit, which allowed us all to receive something precious from someone we love so much. I will always be grateful for Lena's commitment to us and the very meaningful celebration we accomplished together.

Chris L. son, husband, father of two, psychotherapist