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Facilitation available in person or virtual through video conferencing.

The process of working together is highly personalized and collaborative. Often times, we take traditions as they are handed to us, going through the motions of what we think we should do to mark the occasion because it is what has always been done.

But it can be different!

Together, we can co-create an experience that will be incredibly rich and transformative. The steps we will take are:

  1. Listening- The first step involves a 60 minute session where you will get to talk through what you are looking for as I listen. I will ask questions to guide our uncovering of the story to help uncover important elements that if addressed, will encourage transformation.

  2. Uncovering- Once we have talked, I will spend some time pulling together the symbolic story of what you shared and send you some ideas for the event.

  3. Co-creation- Upon receiving my handcrafted, personalized, detailed plan for the event with the embedded ritual elements, you can give feedback and suggestions to further individualize it. Additionally, if this is an event for a group, I can handcraft invitations to be sent out with personal

  4. Facilitation- If it is an in-person experience, I will set up for the event, bringing any materials we will need. The ambiance will be set and I will facilitate the experience for you and your guests (if you have them).

  5. Listening - When the elements of ritual are invoked, it can be a truly profound experience for all involved. I will stay at the event for a pre-determined amount of time (based on the number of participants) to help process the experience. This could look like being available for informal conversations or setting up listening time slots. This helps close the circle for all involved and ensures that the experience is one of healing and celebration.

  6. Integration - At a mutually determined time, usually 1 week after the event, we will do a 45 minute follow up conversation that will consist of a time for sharing of your experience, guided reflection and integration techniques to solidify the experience and pull it all together.


I was on the fence about having a baby shower, but upon recalling several events where Magdalena led group experiences I knew just what to do.  After sharing my ideas, she clarified some things, and asked insightful questions. It was clear that she not only heard me, but felt me. With a wide range of ages, mothers and not mothers, old friends and new ones, she created a meaningful and inclusive experience for everyone.  I even left with a small gift, used throughout the ceremony, that continues to remind me of the special women I have in my life which was a symbolic way for all of them to be with me as I entered into motherhood and beyond. There was not a dry eye in the house, and I felt so much love for me and my baby.  I received lots of gifts that day, but Magdalena herself was the most magical one! - Michelle


“Of all the ceremonies I have participated in with Magdalena, my best memory comes from a session I had with my daughter.  To have my teenager be a part of a circle of women ten or twenty years older was a very special experience for both of us.  Watching her participate in and helping the ceremony brought me a memory from childhood of working with my aunties and grandma back in the countryside of Japan in the 60s, and it warmed my heart.  Her eyes were wide open, as she was welcomed so warmly by all the women there. Having this unique sense of community is so important for her, as she is going through body and identity changes. I am looking forward to having more ceremony experiences with her and my younger daughter in the future.”- Sachiko

“When I was pregnant with my second child, I didn't want to have an ordinary baby shower, I wanted something more sacred and special and I knew, without a doubt, that Magdalena was the perfect person to help bring my vision and intention to life--and she did so in more ways than I could have imagined. She is such a blessing and I am forever grateful." - Laura


2018 was such a special year. My loving partner and I got a chance to exchange personal vows and make a lifelong commitment to each other in front of our “tribe.” As a special gift from my sister, I had the chance to preface my wedding day with a custom blessing circle alongside all the strong women in my family. Magdalena led us through a journey of life as specially connected women, openly celebrating one milestone (my milestone), together. It was the best gift I could have received. Better than any shower anyone could have thrown. Magdalena is a powerful facilitator of meaningful connection. She is creative and giving of her unique talent to get you to experience the energy around you. I am so grateful to have had that special moment with her and my family.” - Victoria