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We build bridges to become and remain connected. We share our stories and tools and gain new perspectives.

As a mother, educator, partner, family member and friend,

I am passionate about identifying opportunities for building connection.

With both my personal experience as a mother and my long-time work supporting children and families,

utilizing the tools of Hand-in-Hand Parenting,

Parent Effectiveness Training

and Non-Violent Communication,

I find ways to support families to thrive.

This begins with the simple yet powerful tool of listening.

Listening is an active process that can take many forms.

Bringing a grounded approach to the big job of parenting,

I help parents learn and utilize

powerful listening tools.

It’s more simple than it seems.

And so much more rewarding than we could have imagined.

By utilizing these tools, we gain a new perspective on our children's emotions and often times, our own.

We build connection in our homes and help our children, and ourselves, heal and become more resilient.

We change our worlds and then change the world.

I support parents through:

Private Coaching (in person or by phone)

Group Parenting Series


Ongoing Parent support groups