Cultivating Joy Playlists

You know this. You do this.  Nothing too earth shattering...just a quick, sweet way to clear the external and internal clutter for ourselves and our families.  

So many uses for a 20 minute playlist….

Is it just that you need to take the edge off, so you can flow a bit better? Clear up some internal clutter that’s getting in the way of feeling fine?


Is it to clear up some actual clutter that’s muckin’ up your space?

Set a predetermined amount of time to tidy. Maybe around 4-5 songs long. Somehow speaking in terms of songs makes it feel so much more lovely and manageable.

Focus on tiny projects! If it’s internal tidying, pick something you need to dance off and start grooving. If it’s actual stuff lying around, then pick an area and start there.

Listen for music that lifts your spirits and encourages your body to feel like this work is just a joyful excuse to move around.

The last song is always a connection song, so if you are tidying with others, come together and celebrate.  If you are alone, celebrate yourself.

It’s a joyful dance party. 

Music is magic.

Here’s to our collective joy, one playlist at a time!

Cultivating joy 1.png

Cultivating Joy Playlist 1

Cultivating Joy Playlist 2

Cultivating Joy 3.png

Cultivating Joy Playlist 3

Cultivating Joy 4.png

Cultivating Joy Playlist 4

Cultivating Joy 5.png

Cultivating Joy Playlist 5