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In person or virtual through video conferencing.

The biggest gift we could ever receive is the gift of being deeply seen and listened to. This is often an unfortunately rare experience for most of us. We just need to be listened to as we access the deep disappointments and hurts, fears and traumas we have experienced. Being listened to without any feedback, suggestions or problem solving from another person can allow us to access our own innate wisdom once we have gotten to the deep feelings we may not always be able to show.

My job in this listening is just to hold space for you, reflecting back to you, non-verbally, my belief in you and your abilities and helping you feel heard and powerful.

Listening can be done with infants, children and adults.


Parent Coaching

In person or virtual through video conferencing.

Sometimes we find ourselves with struggles that either won’t go away or we are caught off guard by a new struggle that leaves us feeling powerless. After we have been listened to well and we have accessed the deep feelings around the current experience, we will probably be ready for practical solutions.

With my personal experience as a mother and my long-time work supporting children and families, utilizing the tools of Hand-in-Hand Parenting, Parent Effectiveness Training and Non-Violent Communication, I can help you think through the experiences in your family.

By identifying the mindsets and tools that will help re-connect you to your belief in yourself as a parent and your belief in your child as an incredible human, you can get back to enjoying the role of parent.

Beyond working with parents, I also work with children and teenagers to help identify their mindsets, the stories they are creating for themselves, the metaphors they see their experiences through and the practical behaviors that can match their hope for their lives.