I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico on an acre of land that was my constant companion. As an only child until age 11, my dogs, chickens, ducks and cats were my deepest friends. They taught me how to use my senses to connect with the world and how to listen deeply in the quiet.

I always had a dream of working with children. I studied child development and fell in love with the idea that young children could be treated as whole, complete beings, worthy of deep consideration. As the first in my family to graduate college, I got my Bachelors in Psychology and Child Development and my Masters in Bilingual, Cross-cultural education.

I chose to work in an inner city school of Los Angeles for 13 years. Honoring the stories that emerged each day was my social justice mission as a classroom teacher and mentor to teachers and parents. I went on to co-found a progressive elementary school in Los Angeles' South Bay. I was drawn to the idea that personal transformation was possible through authentic relationships. Getting the opportunity to be in relationship with and support so many different parents as an educator has led me to continue to want to change the world outside of the classroom by focusing on helping parents heal themselves and create immensely strong, loving, respectful bonds with their children. I was led to work with the tools of Hand in Hand Parenting as a way to make lasting change in our communities.

Personally, as a seeker of deep meaning and opportunities for personal growth, I have sought out different ways of healing and celebrating throughout my life. I have sought out listening partners and mentorship for the last 20 years to uncover the stories that inform my perspectives and behavior. It is through these support systems that I flourish, heal my past and find ways to allow joy.

Upon crossing into motherhood more than a decade ago, with profound losses along the way, I found myself needing to capture very tangibly my awe of being a woman and a mother, a human with complex emotions and experiences. I have intuitively sought out storytelling, music and symbolism as a way of healing, awakening & celebrating. As a result, I have come to understand this way of processing experience as our very human craving to bring the power of personally meaningful ceremony and ritual into our lives and I seek out and am available for opportunities to do this both personally and as a facilitator for others.


photo by Cory Johnson